Grrrrr. Hypothetical situation: you’re an American salesperson with a girl in London on the line just aching to spend $1800. This potential customer is American herself and wishes the items to be sent to her mother’s house in America. What do you do? Sell her the frickin’ goods, right? Wrong. Apparently some people don’t like to take international credit cards. Even when they’re plain old Visas that work fine in American stores and ATMS and everywhere else you could think of. There’s no reason; they just don’t like typing “U.K.” or something. Luckily I am an enterprising individual. (You did realize I was talking about me, right?) A quick call here and the billing address is changed. Computer is purchased. Millions rejoice. And yet Kris rants…


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  1. Congrats on your purchase. I have one of the earlier 500MHz iBooks (non-toilet seat version). It’s pretty neat. Only it’s kinda slow with OS X and Classic (ok it’s really slow with classic on). I wonder if the 600 MHz version is better. Other than that tho it’s pretty spiffy. You will love it. See website link for my dorky iBook picture.

  2. I’d been thinking about getting one for a while. I have an iMac here, but she’s a bit old and it’s probably not worth my while to pay to have her shipped all the way to Australia. So I’m selling her and buying a new top o’ the line iBook (the one with the combo drive). Now we’ll be able to watch Buffy on the plane! 🙂

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