The Yankees are the Microsoft of the sports world. Discuss.


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  1. What about Man United? The richest sports team in the world? I bet more people know (and support) them than the Yankees?

  2. I don’t know… The Yankees have supporters pretty much all over the entire United States. And their legacy goes back about a century. Man U is popular, sure, but that’s pretty much a fairly recent thing, isn’t it?

  3. Um you’re bein sarcastic right?

    I believe ManU have supporters pretty much all over the world. Probably including the Amazonian jungle, the US and maybe even Afghanistan!

    Oh and they’ve been around since at least 1878!

  4. …although Mancunians support City don’t they..?

  5. Yeah as you gotta support a “real” football team after all.

  6. Apart from two of my friends who support ManU and happen to be from Manchester I think the rest support City though!

  7. Singapore, as a whole, supports Man U. They even have a “Red Devils” bar, and a Man U souvenir shop on Orchard Road. I’ve seen Man U stickers on trucks throughout S. E. Asia, from Indonesia to Cambodia. David Beckham’s brylcreem advert is omnipresent. I’ve heard kids that don’t speak a word of English rattle off the whole Man U roster, and then proceed to entertain us with re-enactments of the latest Barthez save. Yankees may have conquered the US and Japan, but in the rest of S. E. Asia, Man U is King.

  8. Okay, okay. Man U wins the popularity contest. But the “richest” distinction? I gotta believe Major League Baseball wins hands down there. Check out this list. A-Rod has a $250 MILLION contract. And that’s just his salary… that doesn’t include merchandising and ads. How much does Beckham make, outside of those hair product adverts?

  9. Man U is still the richest sporting club in the world.

    Looks like its ‘cos they don’t pay SILLY money to their players! I mean 250million? Is anyone worth that? Well maybe if the currency were Lira….

  10. But you’re missing the whole point. I didn’t bring up the Yankees because I think they’re the greatest/richest thing ever. I brought them up because I think the comparison to Microsoft is valid. Yes, the Yankees are good. But because of their success and their wealth, they’re squeezing teams in smaller markets out of the league. Doesn’t it piss off “real” football fans that the same bloody team wins every year? I just saw a comic in the Big Issue yesterday making fun of the fact that “English football league” is pretty much an oxymoron, considering the number of Europeans who play. But I digress. The point was that for most of the 1990’s, the Yankees had a virtual monopoly on the World Series. Sure, they can be taken down by a talented team like the Diamondbacks every once in a while, but over the long term, you’re a fool to bet against the Bronx Bombers for long. They’re just too powerful.

  11. Maybe but the term Bronx Bombers has recently taken on a whole new meaning in New York.

  12. Ferret, your bad jokes always identify you. Tsk tsk.

  13. Microsoft comparison is accurate. On the richest sports franchise question, however, here are the numbers:

    yankees: aprox. 600 million dollars
    Man U: 1 billion pounds OR 1.6 billion dollars; plus Man U is publicly traded in UK stock market.

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