New Poll: Have you ever met any celebrities? Did you make a complete ass of yourself, as I do each and every time?


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  1. I met Tom Jones in Changi Airport (Singapore). Mark and I were on our way to our gate, when we spotted Tom meandering our way. I just walked over and said, “Hello, Mr. Jones”. He gave be a wierd look and said “Hello there”.

    Yeah, I’m cool, I’m suave. At least I didn’t throw him my knickers.

  2. HA! I was just gonna ask if you lobbed your panties at him. That would’ve ruled.

    Part of my problem with Miriam Margolyes the other night was that I wasn’t exactly sure how to pronounce her last name. And I thought calling her “Miriam” might be a tad presumptuous. You lucked out with “Jones.” 🙂

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