Where’s my skillet?

5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware – Maker Tour | The Kitchn – I want one, but oddly Rodd thinks they’re probably more hassle than they’re worth.


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  1. You totally should! They’re just brilliant and surprisingly little hassle – to clean fill with boiling water and wipe out with a paper towel, then dry on stove top. Oil occasionally.

    I’ve had a small skillet for around 22 years (I think it was like $5 at a camping store) and it is pretty much non-stick by now. Is really excellent to cook with.

  2. Be aware of this method. It’s genius.
    I found a rusted out grill-pan in my basement. Scrubbed it with a wire brush in a drill. De-rusted it with vinegar. Baked six layers of coating onto it. It’s indestructible, as long as you don’t leave it soaking in the sink:

    Protip: When they say THIN, they mean THIN layers of oil.

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