• arthur_affect: I like my coffee the way I like my gamers. Bitter, nasty, and discarded by anyone with taste. #GamerGate
  • handmethepanda: Fantasy: “anyone can code!” Reality: “this project is fucked. No one on it had any experience”.
  • msharp: Here’s @twalve presenting at last nights #wdyk @webdirections event http://t.co/GZqDm0jgvL (original image courtesy @halans )
  • fitbit: 8 expert tips to counteract a day of sitting. #GetMoving http://t.co/2lpeBn1oWt
  • lostumbrellas: If I was scoring @webdirections #wdyk tonight, mobile site smashed responsive, CSS just pipped SASS, and tabs & spaces somehow both lost.
  • roseannemanns: An entertaining defence of the SMH’s use of Comic Sans on the front page. http://t.co/H28Q1JcUeQ
  • webfliccy: Great talk by @Iain_barker against wireframing at #wdyk particularly intense disdain reserved for Axure
  • misswired: Thanks to the Waldorf and Statler wannabes at #WDYK tonight. 😛
  • halans: Responsive website vs mobile sites #wdyk http://t.co/vuZCY7bAbf
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