Yes, that’s me out in front of the Harry Potter poster at 8:15 this morning, half-asleep in my glasses. (Click on it to see the full-size version.) And yes, I did walk all the way through Hammersmith with that lightning bolt on my forehead. There were probably 30 people (mostly parents and kids) at the first showing, and I was the only one who came “in costume”. There was a slight emergency when the film stopped just as the Quidditch sequence was beginning, but they eventually got it sorted and it gave the kiddies a convenient bathroom break. EVERYBODY LOVED IT. I’ll write a more lengthy review later in the day (must sleep), but for now, my advice is to get on the phone and book your tickets for the first show possible. You won’t regret it.


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  1. Me and Jude found ourselves at 11.30am this morning sitting surrounded by kids watching the Harry Potter film at Putney Odeon. WOW….BRILLIANT !

  2. Betcha I’m going to have to wait aaaaaages ’til Harry makes it to Singapore. *jealous* 🙂

  3. I bought my tickets for this Friday on Halloween. Apparently they thought they might have a problem w/ big nerds like me beating out all the ‘little’ kids for tickets, so they sold them really early. But did they fool me?? No!!! hhahhaahahaaaaaa!

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