Wow, after all of the planning and anticipation, we’re finally here. Snookums and I touched down in Sydney without any problems and we’re now bunking at his sister’s place. We started the house hunt today and though we saw some great places (with harbor views!), they were a bit out of our price range. We hope to find a place soon though. Tomorrow we’re heading into the more grungy, college student-type areas. (I’ll have to break out my Chuck Taylors.)

Is it cold where you are? It was over 80 degrees here today! *grin* The climate change has definitely helped my cold, which is improving. I’m handling the heat better than I anticipated, though I think I got a bit sunburnt on our house hunting expedition.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule just as soon as we find an apartment. Ooh, I didn’t even tell you about Boudicca II, my new little iBook. She’s wonderful! We’re going to have a lot of fun posting about our adventures in the future. Stay tuned!


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  1. yeah! best of luck with the house hunt, kris! 🙂

  2. Awesome – good luck to you, kids. It was good seeing you, even though you were battlin’ the flu. Next time we will live it up. Hey – make sure your neighbors don’t suck wherever you go … college places are fun but LOUD. If you reeeeally like someplace, walk by it at night and see how it sounds. (Check out all the apartment finding tips from your ex dot-com finding friend!) Love to Australia!

  3. Nice to see you are safe and happy !!Boudicca is happy too! I just wish we had the kind of weather you have in Oz !

  4. You know, people who get into the habit of blogging about how nice the weather is down under are liable to find themselves removed from other people’s bookmark files… 🙂

    (Not that I’m hating the onset of winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere or anything.)

    Seriously, good to hear that you made a safe landing. Good luck with the house-hunting.

  5. John, point taken. 🙂

    Although really, it’s cooled off here. And the mosquito factor really balances out the goodness of the weather. I’m covered in bites. Winter isn’t sooo bad. 🙂

  6. i think that the time you spent in London has earned you some nice weather. when was the last time you went shopping for an every-day moisturizer with SPF? enjoy!

  7. Fair enough. But on a morning commute like the one I had today (ice-cold rain, and having to stand on a wind- and rain-swept Metro platform *twice in one trip* because they took the first train I got out of service halfway to Newcastle!) I’m tempted to say think that mosquitos are a price worth paying to get out of the rain. 🙂

  8. Well, I think I angered the weather gods with my boastfulness (or else John put a curse on me), because it’s been kinda cool and rainy for four days running now. Serves me right, I guess.

  9. A curse? Moi? Nah…

    Just ignore me when I start ranting about the weather. (The irony is that I can’t take even what the British climate dishes up in the way of hot weather. I dread to think how I’d cope with a serious bout of Australian-style summer.)

  10. Yeah. I started to get nervous when every single real estate agent mentioned how hot it gets in apartments here in the summer. I keep telling the Snook that we MUST have an air conditioner, at least in the bedroom, or I’m going to DIE. He just laughs. It’s odd though. I used to live through Indiana summers, which get pretty damn hot (occasionally even up to 90-100 F). But my two short years in England have altered my genetic makeup or something. As soon as it hits 70 I just start cooking from the inside out. It’s gonna be a weird Christmas.

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