• YouChewsAus: @KazStocks @murudau @telstra sorry, pitch can wait – just gonna send this tweet! #TelstraSummit http://t.co/UjuNzuZhOP
  • uskovic: Love seeing some startup chicks on stage #TelstraSummit #needmorefemales http://t.co/nblfBlu4rn
  • dawnstarau: “At this summit in Australia we’re going to use examples from a TV show that is delayed in Australia” #TelstraSummit
  • teresatruda: Woooo @KazStocks is the first female speaker at #TelstraSummit #womenintech
  • melissa_muses: Silicon Valley: guess you had to be there #TelstraSummit
  • kerrydawes98: Great panel but look forward to day when its made up of 50%female #telstrasummit #leanin #womeninbusiness #femaleleaders #womenintechnology
  • web_goddess: Evernote. Bah. You whippersnappers. I just write tweets and then have a cron job that posts them on my blog. #TelstraSummit
  • nsmale: “You can’t treat customers well if you don’t treat each other well internally.”[email protected] Awesome sentiment #TelstraSummit
  • pbolt: My favourite stat of the day; more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola
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