WE GOT THE APARTMENT! WE GOT IT! We were a bit worried, what with neither of us having jobs and all, but apparently my U.K. bank statement (conveniently fattened up with Netdecisions payout cash) convinced them of our financial solvency. Hooray! More details later…


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  1. congrats! that must be a huge relief. best of luck with the next step: finding a jobby-job. šŸ˜‰

  2. way to go, sis and snook. although i have to admit i sorta hate you guys – (because i’m sure your apartment is NOT located across from a junk store called “Grand New Bargains,” yes that’s a “G”, or a laundromat that spells their name “Launderymat” !) i’m happy that things are going well there. i actually think i miss you guys…

    on a side note, kris, i don’t seem to get emails that you CC to me until like, the next day. do they have to wait in some sort of vortex while i catch up to australian time? šŸ™‚

    and finally, we just put windows xp (i know, curses) on chad’s laptop, and now when i go to your site from my favorites bar, it has a little purple “wg” logo next to it!

  3. It’s actually in a pretty cool spot. Newtown is just over from the University, so it’s pretty funky. We’re about a block off the main drag, King Street. (Another one! Everything in Sydney is named after something in England.) So we’ve got tons of shops and cafes all within a two minute walk from our place. And the grocery store, Woolworth’s, nearly made me weep. After Sainsbury’s Local, it looks positvely American. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. I’m in heaven.

    We’re also two seconds away from “Shakespeare’s Pies”, which claim to be the best pies on earth. (Like, meat pies and chicken pot pies.) We had some the other day. I do not disagree.

    We just bought a bed yesterday from “Bedlam!” It’s a black iron four poster with a canopy so we can hang our mosquito net from it. It’s really nice. Now we’re gonna go get bedding from “Holy Sheet!” šŸ™‚

    I’ve been using xp here on Chris’s computer, and it’s not bad. I just think there’s more to making something friendly and usable than making it bright and candy-colored. This looks like an operating system for kindergartners. That’s cool about my little icon. I created that a while ago, but you couldn’t see it on every machine.

    Did you tell him about my ibook? It’s pretty sweet! We just bought an AV cable so we’ll be able to use it to play DVD’s on the TV (until our player gets here on the boat).


  4. Those are the best titles for bedding I have ever heard. Hey, I read something about you going to IKEA and also that you were looking for appliances… if you haven’t gone to IKEA yet, check there for some things like housewares (cutting boards, knives, strainers, etc) ’cause they are cheap and colorful.

    I love IKEA.
    It is a dirty, dirty obsession of mine.




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