New Poll! In honor of the amazing custard croissant I had from the local bakery this morning, I’m asking about your favorite baked delights. (I bet you can guess what I voted.) And as usual, I’ve taken the liberty of interpreting your responses for you. 🙂


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  1. i can’t find the fourth culprit. i’m nearly POSITIVE that you, me and dad all voted for the “i am a chunker” response. that leaves one other person. who are you?!

  2. Hahahha… Liz and Kel use that phrase too. In fact, I think Liz invented it and I carried it home to you guys.

  3. chad says it too!

  4. chad says it too!

  5. hey im gay

  6. You know, I always wondered when the trolls would discover my site. You assholes ruin everything. I’ll leave this one up for now, but I’m just gonna start deleting everything that pisses me off in the future. I’ve got your IP address too, jerk.

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