• Spacekatgal: They say it’s impossible to change you sexual orientation, but I spent 20 minutes reading an MRA site, and I’m pretty sure I’m a lesbian.
  • HypeDC: @web_goddess We will release the Nike x Liberty Holiday Line late November in limited Quickstrike numbers online and at our Pitt St. store.
  • catehstn: Fascinating – Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top – “find a good place to climb” http://t.co/ft4b5oT0dx /via @nightrose
  • neilhimself: And @Powells are offering Free Shipping on the ART OF ASKING. http://t.co/7LJ8VO6egI #ProudHusband
  • OFA: Retweet if you want to keep the internet open and free. #NetNeutrality
  • EmWhitham: An open letter to @redfoo by @amynelmes . Good woman, I salute you. #GreatRead #WellPlayed http://t.co/cFUvt3nq8X
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