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TAM – Transparent Anatomical Mannikin | McMillen Center for Health Education – Today at work we somehow got on the topic of Healthy Harold the Giraffe. This was an initiative in Australia where a van drove to schools and a giraffe character taught kids healthy lessons like how to brush their teeth and have safe sex and not do drugs. I remarked that at my school in Indiana, we made a yearly field trip to a health centre where a transparent android woman would talk to us and parts of her body would light up to illustrate, like, the circulatory system or whatever. As I said it, I realised how weird it sounded. Did that really happen or am I misremembering it?! On a whim, I fired up google and the name popped into my head: “McMillen Health Center.” A few seconds later, I found it. They have a whole page about her. TAM – the transparent anatomical mannikin! She really exists! I didn’t make it up. How cool.

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  1. Harold visited my kids’ school this year. He’s still going!

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