Well, duh.

Foley gay marriage stance may hurt Labor in Newtown – We just got notice from the Electoral Commission that Chippendale has been redistricted and now falls into the Newtown Electoral District. So this guy is now our local Labor candidate. Not that it matters very much; I haven’t preferenced them first in any state election I’ve voted in.

Edited to add: Thank you to Lyn for correcting me! Foley isn’t the Newtown candidate; he’s the party leader.


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  1. Kris, he isn’t your local Labor candidate – Penny Sharp, who’s openly gay, is. She has a splendid record in supporting gay and lesbian issues, as well as child care and public education. Fine if you don’t vote Labor, but have a look at Penny’s views first.

  2. Thank you Lyn! I definitely misread the article. 🙂

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