Happy New Year! Ow, my head.
I hate wine. Wine hates me. But other than a nasty-ass hangover, I seem to have made it to 2002 in one piece. Our dinner was great; Snookums outdid himself with steaks and onion rings and yummy chocolate mousse for dessert. When we hit midnight, I spent an hour trying to call all my relatives in the States but the lines were mostly jammed. Hey! Y’all still haven’t reached midnight yet, have you? It won’t be for a couple more hours. So don’t let my suffering be in vain; let me be an example of the dangers of excessive New Year’s imbibing. It’s all about moderation, kids.

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  1. your warning came a bit too late for me. here’s to hoping the hangover is nothing a little papa john’s can’t fix. 😉

    happy happy!

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