Random philosophical question of the day: Say a genie offered you the chance to just fast-forward, like, forty years of your life. You’d remember everything just as if you lived it, and your body would age just as if you lived it, and you’d have all the material possessions you would’ve had as well. The only difference is that you wouldn’t actually have to go through all that. You could just skip it. You’d have lovely memories (and photographs and T-shirts and whatever) to remember the happy bits, and you’d also have distance from all the bad stuff that will inevitably happen. Would you?

(Snookums and I thought this one up while drinking wine out on our balcony. I think I might go for it, while he would prefer to simply know that he’d be happy at seventy and to then go through life thinking that he had that to look forward to.)

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  1. No doubt in my mind – I want to live it.

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