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I’m getting to the stage of weight loss now where people are really starting to comment on it. (13.3kg so far.) Above is a graph of my daily weigh-ins since January of 2014. I have a Fitbit Aria scale, but simply using Fitbit’s dashboard can be confusing because the numbers jump a lot. That’s why I also use TrendWeight to pull in the data and give me a smooth trendline from a rolling average. It makes it a lot easier to visualise whether a big jump (and as a lady, I can easily jump a kilo or more in 24 hours) is just a momentary blip or part of a larger trend.

While I did start 2014 on a health kick determined to shed some weight, I can’t claim that all of what happened was intended. I got a big promotion that February and spent the next six months working my ass off (pretty literally). It wasn’t particularly healthy, in that I was often skipping meals. I had trips to the US in April and June that threw off my routines as well. Fortunately by September things had evened out and I was pretty constant. My weight was starting to creep up by the end of the year though, which is why I’ve recommitted to Whole30. I feel really good. My knees are hurting less. And though I really miss alcohol and the occasional bit of dairy, I’m starting to think I really should stay as close to this going forward as I can. It suits me. I’m still firmly in the “overweight” BMI category, but at the rate I’m going, I won’t be there for very much longer…

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  1. Nice work! I’ve commented to a couple of friends that I’m irritated by how much better I feel while eating “cleaner”, off sugar and alcohol and refined carbs. I don’t want to notice a difference, because I enjoy those foods so much. But I think hanging close to my current plan even when not strictly on it probably makes sense in the long run, too.

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