TWOP One Pager

I’m trialling the new Australian streaming service Stan, so the Snook and I have finally started watching Deadwood. I was getting a little lost in the stylised dialogue for the first few episodes so I googled to see if I could find any recaps. To my surprise, TWOP came up. I thought it closed down last year! Instead, the fan outrage seems to have convinced NBC to keep the archives up. I happily started reading the first recap and then ran into trouble when subsequent pages kept timing out or getting stuck in a redirect loop. I guess that while NBC kept the site up, they sure as hell aren’t doing any maintenance on the servers. Just as I was starting to get really, really frustrated, I found the answer: TWOP One Pager. That awesome little online tool allows you to paste in a TWOP recap link, and it will then fetch all the pages and combine them into a single document. It works great, even on the crappy archives. Highly recommended!

Also highly recommended: Deadwood. Damn. Although the more I watch, the more the, uh, colourful vernacular threatens to impinge on my own vocabulary. I almost called the cat a c**ksucking hooplehead this morning.


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  1. oh my god, thank you so much. I was a huge TWOP’er and was devasted when I heard it was shutting down. Anyway, I went on today and couldn’t get past the first page of any of the recaps and was going crazy. Thanks so much for posting this, this is perfect!

    ps. I love your hair. Red hair is the best.

  2. Yess! Thank you so much!

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