Congratulations to my Dad, who just got engaged! Way to go, Pops!


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  1. is it officially official? how do you know these things before me? huh.

  2. He sent me an e-mail. It’s pretty much official. I guess he thought he’d just tell you in person.

  3. Hey Amy, it’s official. I’m sorry, I thought your father told you. Must have been a non-communication. I’m sure it was not intentional. Ask him because he’s living under the impression that he told you and if he is indeed getting senile we should point it out so he can hang a notepad around his neck. BTW, I do love him very much. And I can live with the notepad if it becomes necessary.

  4. Bwahahaha! That cracked me up. You deserve him, lady. 🙂

  5. aww, that was so sweet!

  6. Deserve me? Everyone should be so lucky dontcha think. Im like a fine wine it only gets better with age, not that Im getting old mind you. I think Amy said it best on my b-day card last year, “You only get cooler as you get older” Hell I’ve known that for a long time now.

  7. He is senile! What color notepad you want, Pops? 🙂

  8. I was thinkin of goin high tech, it would be cool to have one of those “life alert beepers” that hangs around your neck on a little chain, that way when I get lost and can’t remember where im at or my name I can just push the panic button. Whadayathink?

  9. I’m all for it as long as Cindy’s number is the one programmed in; not mine. 🙂

  10. HEY can I get one of those scooters, you know the RASCAL, now that would be cool to tool around the neighberhood popping wheelies. Nobody ever lets me get one when we go to Wally World.

  11. Well, your birthday’s in another month, isn’t it? 🙂

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