• JasonSoultan: “Responsive web design is web design done right.” @webfliccy #respond15
  • RichardSison: My key takeaway from #respond15? Performance matters. Stick up for the end users and sad, angry developers!
  • mcflydesign: Quality = stability, performance and reliability #respond15
  • mobywhale: If someone can make a talk about ad units interesting, it would be @web_goddess. Great talk about responsive ads. #Respond15
  • Malarkey: Conference organisers: Hire @web_goddess to speak about responsive advertising. This is the best talk on the subject I´ve seen.
  • OphelieLechat: [email protected]_goddess’s talk on responsive ads at #respond15 is awesome — and she’s also a knitter!
  • NatureNews: Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Scientists may have found a reason why http://t.co/tJW7sJtopE http://t.co/apjRRckrOP
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