The new iMacs made the cover of Time Magazine? Wow. I’m not sure what I think of them though. They look like they’re from the future. But did you check out the specs on ’em? Pretty sweet! I also like the new 14-inch iBooks. (I knew I shoulda waited before buying mine!) The Snook is even considering making a move to the world of Mac. You will all be assimilated, I tell you.


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  1. The new iMac looks awesome! I liked Jobs comment about how he wanted the new iMac to look like a sunflower. It was funny that later in the article the author mentioned that the new design reminded him of Luxo, the lamp of Pixar fame; that was exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.

    I LOVE *my* new iBook! All silvery and white and plastic. It’s like a computer come down from heaven. 😉

    I got my iPod at the same time, and I must say that they make a great team. It’s so nice to not lug around a huge 100-CD case anymore; they’re all ripped onto my iPod!

  2. I really, really want an iPod, but I can’t justify it just yet. I don’t have any job to commute to, and all my CD’s are already ripped onto the iBook, so I talked myself out of it. But someday soon, just maybe…

  3. It’s sooooo worth it, in my opinion. You can’t separate us; my iPod and I have become One.

    …but I spend several hours a day on a commuter bus, so I suppose I could justify the extra expense in that way.

    I’ve also been using the iPod as an extra, super-fast hard drive to easily transfer files between home and office. All of my rediculously huge Photoshop files seem to zip along beautifully thorugh the Firewire connection. It also saves me from lugging my iBook into the office unless I absolutely need to…

    I wonder if anyone else thought of using the iPod in this way…?

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard that other people have been using it as an external hard drive. I think Apple even mentioned it when it came out, but most people jumped right over that to the “I can get ALL my music on there?!”

  5. Heh… I didn’t think it was an original idea. Ah, well… 😉

  6. Wow! That actually looks quite good.

  7. I love you for recognizing that the phrase “from the future” is a major compliment (for me, anyway–maybe you were actually being objective)! The only higher praise I can give along those lines is “that’s so tomorrow.”:-)

  8. Oh, it’s a major compliment from me too. For instance, I got my friend Nat a toaster for his wedding. It was TOTALLY from the future. It just had one long slot, and it was all sleek and metallic. He was very pleased.

    Lately, everything from Apple looks like it’s from the future. I hope the average consumer doesn’t hold that against them.

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