I’ve added a new blog to my list at left: Sore Eyes. So far the blog looks to be a mix of UK stuff, geek news, television, and sci-fi. In other words, right up my alley! (John, I’m not so sure about that “marrying Jennifer Love Hewitt” thing though…)


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  1. Two points:

    1) Thanks very much for the kind words about Sore Eyes. “UK stuff, geek news, television, and sci-fi” pretty much sums it up.

    2) I’ll thank you to refer to my future beloved as “*The Goddess* Jennifer Love Hewitt”. 🙂

  2. I’d respond to that, but I’m told that you shouldn’t argue with delusional people. *grin*

    Just kidding. So I guess the breakup with Carson Daly was a real high point for you?

  3. Well yes, I guess you could put it that way. 🙂

    I figure that if she’s really been going out with Alec Baldwin then there’s hope for me yet. I mean, he’s older than I am, and he’s starting to get a bit chubby – what’s he got that I haven’t?

    (Answer: umpteen million dollars, a nomination as one of Empire’s “100 Sexiest Stars” and a long career as a leading man. Oh yes, and he’s directing her most recent film project. Oh bugger!)

  4. EWWWW! Are you serious? He’s, like, a hundred years older than her! Wake up and smell the “father issues”, Jennifer.

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