Where in pi is your name? “Kris” comes up at the 3,293,858,216th character. “Snook” is found at the 3,678,202,232th. I win! (Link courtesy of new discovery John at Wibbly Weblog, which I’m trying out in my links list.)


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  1. i don’t appear in the first 4 bilion digits of pi, but my darling man scores a respectable 2,287,263,692nd.

  2. If I did this right (and I probably did not), my name comes up as 275,945,312th.

  3. Hmm… I don’t get it — stef doesn’t occur until 2681259844 but steffi comes in at 2286414601 (stefanie, not surprisingly, doesn’t make it into the top 4 billion…)

  4. Bill wins. I shoulda known. 🙂

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