Tonight the lads and I pulled off a miraculous upset in the Nag’s Head Pub trivia contest and earned a $100 bar tab to spend this weekend. My own contributions were few but important: First, what song begins with the words, “You should’ve seen by the look in my eyes, babe?” And second, “Which show spun off ‘Mork and Mindy’?” The first (my father would be proud to know) I figured out after about five minutes of singing in my head. I narrowed down that it was REO Speedwagon, and eventually I hit on “Keep on Lovin’ You”. The second was, of course, “Happy Days”. I pulled a boner, though, and changed my answer to “Which show spun off ‘Green Acres’?” I first thought “Petticoat Junction”, but then was persuaded to switch to “Beverly Hillbillies”. I was right the first time. With Snook cleaning up on the “Identify the Queen song” round, we won handily anyway. Hooray!

(Am I right in thinking that “Petticoat Junction” was a spin-off of “Beverly Hillbillies”, and that in turn spun off “Green Acres?” My dad is probably the only one who’d know this. He’d kick ass at Australian pub trivia.)


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  1. Sorry as i remember it PJ was its own show, I believe GA was a spinoff of PJ. Seems to me there was another spinoff show from PJ but it had to do with one of the 3 young girls on the show. The shows were set in the same place (Hooterville) BH was its own show also and as I remember had no spinoffs, altho later on they did incorporated a few episodes where the shows overlapped with the hillbillys apearing on PJ. My guess is they had the same producer. Jeez gemme me something tougher next time….Now an easy question for you. OK now for 25 points in free drink coupons can you answer who was the bumbling county extension agent on GA? Betcha I stump ya, feel free to get help.

  2. Hank Kimball! Sorry, i cheated… now, where are my drinks?

  3. WE have a Winner!!! OK that was to easy, now it gets tougher. What was the name of the little town back in the hills the Clampetts were always refering to?

  4. Okay, obviously my Dad should be RUNNING the Pub quiz…

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