On the news tonight, they ran a feature on a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne called “Lentil as Anything”. The kicker is, there are no prices at this place. It’s a “Buddhist” restaurant. You pay whatever you feel like, based on how much happiness the meal gave you. I’m totally and completely serious. The owner says he’s not out for profit; he just wants to pay the bills. Staff don’t get paid a salary, but instead they share whatever profit is left over. Snookums feels this is a little unfair, as it relies on people being embarrassed into paying more than they might otherwise (by the fear of paying less than they should). Personally, I think the world needs more of this kind of optimism. The owner basically trusts that most people will play fair. While a little cynical voice in my head says it will probably fail (it’s eight months old so far), I kind of hope it at least stays afloat. It’s so wacky and I like having wackiness in the world.


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  1. I think there’s a place in London (yes London?!?!?) that has the same pricing policy. Can’t remember anything else about where it is or what its theme is though. D’oh!

  2. Hey, man- welcome to Columbus OH – home of Nancy’s. They’ve been doin’ it for over 20 years. Still kickin’, and you get one heck of a breakfast. I think it does work (generally) how RSnook says it does- people I’m with tend to pay more.

  3. tara – when i went to nancy’s in cols, it was more that there was no menu and no set prices. you ordered whatever you felt like, but then they CHARGED you what they wanted… ask amy if this is right. still, it was cool, though. anyway, since i’m spending a few days in melbourne when i’m in australia, maybe i’ll check the place out!

  4. Wow. I can’t believe something like this works in the States. I’d think you’d get too many teenagers eating and then pulling a runner.

  5. You would think, wouldn’t you? Plus- it is pretty close to Crawf’s house- not far from OSU campus. But, it is really respected, so they probably have good, stable clientele.

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