Sorry for the lack of postage today. We’re having dinner with half of the Snook’s extended family, so I’m Audi…

Updated: That wasn’t so bad. Scary Italian Grandma turned out not to be so scary. I’m glad I didn’t try to face her with bright red hair though. (I’m told she can be withering with the personal remarks.) Luckily my new responsible ‘do seemed to pass the test.


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  1. Man, do I feel for you on the Italian Grandma front. DAMN! They can be mean. Luckily, I am related to the Italians, but the girl-friend of grandson is usually the enemy of the grandma or great-grandma. My brothers and I used to go with my fam over to my great Grandma D’s house on Sundays, and she would always be like (to Nick and Vince), “You-a gotta bunch a whores after you-a at (a)school? Aaah? You gotta bunch of hussies? You-a tell ’em to shut(a) da’ legs, aaah?” Nice. I was five, but now it is oh-so-funny in retrospect.

  2. Hahahahahaha… This one has been in Australia for a looooong time, so she’s not so overly Italian anymore. It’s more that she’s an old lady used to getting her way, you know?

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