Remember in Microserfs when the main characters talk about the United States running out of phone numbers? All area codes used to have a 1 or 0 in the middle, but with the proliferation of mobiles, faxes, and ISPs, they’re going to have to bring in new ones. Which kinda sucks, because you won’t be able to work out how important your area is anymore. (With the old system, lower numbers were preferable to high numbers, since they took less time to go around a rotary dial.) Anyway, the point in talking about all this is that Northern Indiana, where I grew up and went to college, is splitting into three area codes. Everyone has six months to start using 574 instead of 219. Just a heads up, yo.


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  1. I’m never going to be able to remember 574 instead of 219.

    Er… I dunno… My Dad lives in Whitley Co. and my Mom lives in DeKalb… I don’t remember what my Dad said would be the new area code. I wonder if it’s gonna be different for them than it will be for your family? I know you lived quite a bit west of my family.

    Grr… I don’t know why they don’t just start doing what MD did, and have separate area codes for ISPs and cell phones, instead of changing everyone’s home phone. Makes much more sense that way.

    For example, my home area code is 301, yet my cell phone’s area code is 240, and my ISP’s area code is… er… something else I can’t remember now. 😛

  2. Buh!!! If I read the ENTIRE article you linked to, I would’ve found out that my family’s new area code is 260.

    Duh, Moire.

  3. Sorry, I should made that clear. I think my Mom will be 574, but my Dad and sister will probably be 260. I’ll never remember that.

  4. yeah, my cell is 574 but home no. is 260! i can’t remember it either.


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