How many of the most highly rated theme park rides have you ridden? I’ve been on ten out of the twenty! (It helps that a lot are at Cedar Point.)


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  1. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the flat cow country of Western Ohio and having nothing else to do but cow-tipping, spent lots of summer days at both Cedar Point and King’s Island. There isn’t ANYTHING like the bone-rattling jihad of The Beast, I can tell you.

  2. Jeez… I’ve been on 9 of the top 20. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is one of my all-time favorite rides.

    When I was younger, the big trip to Cedar Point was usually the highlight of my year. I love roller coasters, and CP definitely has an abundance. I’ve been meaning to take Justin & friends out there, but it’s such a haul from DC.

  3. A meagre 3! I need to get me to an Amusement Park quick sharp. I loooooove roller coasters.

  4. As a Midwesterner, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to Kings Island. Wasn’t there an accident there in the 80’s or something? That was always the excuse why we went to Cedar Point instead.

    But I love the point. My parents both worked at an RV company, so we always took motorhomes and stayed in the Camper Village. It’s a shame that they keep reducing the size of it to put in more hotels.

    The other really good one on the list was Island of Adventure in Florida. We went there a few Christmases ago and it was pretty cool. Spider-Man the ride is friggin’ amazing. I recommend it.

  5. I don’t remember if there was really an accident at King’s Island or not. I used to hear stories, though. One of the stories was about kids dropping rocks or pennies onto people from the top of the mini Eifle Tower, and that the force of the penny drove through some person’s skull.

    Heh. 😉 But I heard that when i was in elementary school.

    I’ve never stayed overnight at Cedar Point, though one time I went with my grandparents and we were staying at Port Clinton for a few weeks. The other times I’ve been to Cedar Point it was a school-related event, and we took one of the Summit charter buses over to OH and back in the same day.

  6. Did your parents work at Fleetwood? I’ve known a few people who worked there.

  7. My favorite place to spend a ridiculously hot summer day is Cedar Point. Just to be drunk w/ heat and sweat and then get on white water landing. *sigh*

  8. Ugh! Wash your mouth out! They worked at Coachmen. 🙂

  9. Aaah, Ohio. The land of coasters. Besides all the legends of the Demon Drop (penny through skull due to force, some girl’s hair being pulled out when the ride dropped and no one being able to tell what she was screaming from… scary, no?), I do think I know about the real King’s Island disaster. My brothers were there the summer this happened, sometime in the sevenites – they had a ride called the Bat, a roller coaster that did a loop and then hung upside down for a few seconds. The ride got stuck hanging upside down, and people got rushed to the hospital b/c I think they had slight brain damage due to being suspended for so long. I think that’s all.
    Except, I left out of course, THE MAN WITH A HOOK FOR A HAND!!!! Just kiddin’.

  10. LOL! Amusement park ride stories are funny. I didn’t think you could get brain damage from hanging upside down! =D

    Er, sorry about that whole Fleetwood thing. My mom lives close to the plant, so it was the first place that sprung to mind. 😉

  11. Hahahaha… hook for a hand.

    Actually I think the accident I heard about had to do with one of those Gravitron type things. It was a big open air thing that spun you around against a wall and then the floor dropped out. Except this time a bunch of people actually did fall out or something. Does that ring any bells for anybody?

  12. That King’s Island story HAS to be an urban legend, then. I’ve heard about that same sort of thing happening at the Six Flags right outside of DC. Everyone is all like “My roomate’s brother’s cousin was there, man! It really happened!”

    I’ve also heard that same story several times, usually when the carnival is in town. Not that I would go to a carnival that takes place in the mall parking lot, anyway, but still…

    I’ll have to check out the Urban Legend database and see if Amusement Park Mishaps is one of their listed categories.

  13. There were never any injurys on the bat at kings island..

  14. Thanks for that. You might be more credible if you could spell “injuries” correctly, though.


  16. Thanks for the, like, clarification, yo.

  17. You are totally, like, the Deputy of Web-Goddess, Moire. 🙂

  18. Heh. I try my best. 😉

  19. Hey I am online looking up info on the accident at Magic Mountain on 4/9/04. I was there that day and had no clue that the accident had happened. I did want to clear up though that PKI has had some accidents. A woman fell out of Flight Commander and died in the early 90s. It was rumored she was drunk. Also, the same day, a man was electrocuted and died in a goldfish pond! SCARY! One other accident I know of is a man who was a worker in the Animal Safari. He apparently was eaten by one of the lions. I live in Cincinnati and saw the first two stories on the news when I was in high school, so I know that they happened.

  20. The accident at Kings Island wasn’t on the BAT, it was on King Cobra (the stand up roller coaster) and it happened in 1984 or so (give or take a year). Two girls from Shivley, KY (just outside of Louisville) were killed when the car jumped track or the car released them allowing them to drop to their death. It happened just two weeks after I had ridden the coaster.

    This is the only death from a roller coaster at Kings Island I know of.

  21. LOl… The Bat didn’t go upside down… it was a suspended coaster. The world’s first, in fact. There have been no roller coaster related deaths at Paramount’s King’s Island. Only urban legends of such.

  22. Yes there was an accident on the king cobra but noone was killed… and yes there was someone that was killed on the towe in the 80’s, the stories you’ve probably heard about them falling arent true, but he was hit by the counter weight when trying to climb the tower. (and yes he was drunk and yes it was grad night) and there were never any injuries on the bat.

  23. All these anonymous comments are weirding me out. Are you all, like, ex-Kings Island employees or something?

  24. all you have to do is a search of roller coaster related injuries and deaths. someone did die on flight commander (at kings island) in the 90s, but that ride was taken down in 95. …people died on drop zone and king cobra, but not at kings island (other parks they own have the same coasters)….the most dangerous ones are ones like millinium force and face off which have so many gs they can cause brain damage for some people (and some people have died on them because of brain annurisms and such)…your head stops and your brain keeps going…just do a search on google

  25. They aren’t urban legends. I was there the day the girl died on June 9, 1991 on Flight Commander. I saw and heard it so you can’t say they aren’t true.

  26. didn’t someone else die within a week of the girl on flight commander???…like by the beer garden… fell in and got electicuted.???

  27. wasnt there a king cobra that was a shuttle loop coaster and the coaster went throught the loop but when it went up the incline it never stopped and ran off the track?

  28. About KING COBRA, someone’s a little retard that thinks they know it all. First of all King Cobra wasn’t built until 1984 by a Japanese company named Togo. The rollercoaster was closed at the end of 2001 and was removed Spring 2002. And the reason it was shut down was not because there was a death on it, but because there was a death on a similar roller coaster in Virginia. Same thing happened to Drop Zone this year, because of a death on a Drop Zone in California, so they are putting more safety restraints on it. Theme parks have one of the highest ratings of safety for recreation, so please spare us with your Urban Legend tales, because they are stupid and made-up.

  29. Emily – I almost deleted your comment because of the tone. Please try to be civil in the future.

  30. There was a lady that had been drinking and managed to fall out of the flight commander and did die. The ride closed down for awhile but did reopen only to be torn down in 95. On the very same day a man went into the pond behind the viking ship also across from the festhaus and was electrocuted by a wire that was used to supply electricity to a light in the pond. A security guard went to wade out and get him and he was also electrocuted, they too both died. A total of three people died on the same day there, bad day if I say so myself. Also a lady had a heart attack on top gun, not injured but did die as well. No one was ever injured on the bat as it did not go upside down and it spent most of the the time shut down. As for the king cobra story I’ve never heard of it.

  31. Has anyone ever heard of a person getting bit by a rattlesnake in the log ride at Kings Island? I heard about this years ago.

  32. Regarding all of the King’s Island info- does anyone know or did any of you used to work at King’s Island? I am apart of a media entity and was trying to hunt down some old employees, just for stories on their experience working at a theme park….

    Drop me a line,

  33. has anyone ever heard of the bat story of two young teenage girls riding the bat and one stuck her head out and was decapitated by a support post jw my 9th grade math teacher told me this

  34. I too was there the day when the accidents at Flight Commander and the eltrocution accidents happened. I was born in 86 and was very young…but remember this.

    My Dad and two older brothers were in line for Flight Commander and I was waiting with my mom. We heard screaming, gasping, and pointing. At that point I remember seeing a body flying through the air. Immediately people started freaking out, screaming , jumping fences and gates etc. We ran through the lines to see if my Dad or Brothers were on yet, because we were afraid the body could have been theirs. We found them and finally headed elsewhere.

    I then remember walking and hearing a golf cart first aid ambulance headed in the wrong direction. My Dad jumped in front and told htem they were going the wrong direction, and that the accident happened at Flight Commander. They told us that someone fell off a ride and into the water and was electocuted.

    Thats my memory, I did not know about the third person who died that day, by trying to save the person in the water. But I do remember two people dieing within about an hour it seemed, or less that fateful day at Kings Island. It actually haunted me for quite some time, and my family still hasn’t returned.

  35. Ok first off, someone did die on Flight Commander because she was drunk and did not secure herself properly, hense the reason they stopped selling alcohol all over the entire park and limited it to Festhaus. The same day a man did die in the pond but only one man not two and he wasnt a security guard, he was a bystander who jumped in to save a drunk man who had fallen in the pond. Lesson to be learned= Kings Island and drinking do not mix

  36. You know… I’m just really tired of this discussion. So I’m gonna turn off the comments. Okay.

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