New webcam image is up. That’s Snook giving me some smoochies. We were yet again defeated at the Nag’s Head trivia tonight. I came through on Judy Garland’s real name (Frances Gumm), but I totally tanked on the group that sang “Walkin’ on Sunshine”. (Ten points for whoever knows that without cheating.) In better news, I lost another pound!


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  1. check my blog for the answer.

    many congrats on your fitness success!

  2. Katrina and the Waves, no? I’ve only been awake for 10 minutes, so either I’m smarter when I’m sleepy, or I just made an ass of myself 🙂

  3. Euro Ferret No I am

    January 31, 2002 — 1:14 am

    Yeah all European ppl will know that due to her making a comeback a few years back for the Eurovision Song contest.

  4. Damn, someone beat me to Katrina and the Waves. Bitchin’ song … one of my favorites in the highNRG 80’s summer rock genre.

  5. And don’t forget that the song was written by DOLLY PARTON herself! I LOVE that woman.

  6. Gaahhhh! Okay, obviously the key to Trivia success is to get some kind of wireless modem for my PDA, with which I can immediately blog stumper questions and have you guys answer them. Because I am obviously no good at this stuff. 🙂

    Another one we missed last night: What was the name of the street in Dallas where JFK was shot?

  7. err…grassy knoll ave? book depository drive? you got me there.

  8. I kept thinking that it was something I should know, but in reality it’s just completely random. Keep guessing.

  9. err…grassy knoll ave? book depository drive? you got me there.

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