More Survivor News: After doing some sniffing about, I finally managed to get confirmation on where the competition will take place: Whaler’s Way, near Port Lincoln in South Australia. It’s not as harsh as the Kimberley, we think, but it’s close to the Nullarbor, which could be trouble.


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  1. Well at least they’ve actually chosen a spot near the REAL outback this time. Sorry to break it to all you die-hard Survivor fans, but Survivor II was hardly in the “outback”. It was shot near Ingham, in Queensland (see this old article). The scenery looked absolutely nothing like the “outback”. Perhaps the “country” is a more apt description.

    And why not the Nullabor? I wanna see those contestants doing some actual “surviving”!! Perhaps for the true Aussie experience, they can leave them stranded in a broken down Jeep 200km from any town with no water and two screaming kids in the back. “Today’s challenge: will the water in the radiator have Anti-freeze in it? Do you, in your desperation, dare to drink it?”. I’m so sick sometimes 🙂

  2. Heh. I’d definitely pay to see that.

    I think it’s going to be pretty obvious that the Australian cast are “harder” than the UK and American ones. Did you see that silly show “Castaway”? The Brits couldn’t do anything for themselves. They were living in squalor til the Aussies came to save their asses.

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