It’s answer time!
The first correct guess was submitted by Beau (though not for the reason he thought). A couple others guessed that one as well. Congratulations! Here we go…

  1. I got a tattoo for my twentieth birthday.
    True. It’s the Korean word for “rite of passage”. It’s nowhere you’d ever see unless I showed you. 🙂
  2. I have had blue hair.
    True. That was for my twenty-first birthday. (I have birthday issues, obviously.) I had a friend put a blue streak in my hair, which was blonde at the time.
  3. I can do a cartwheel.
    False! I wish it were a matter of choice, Beau, but in reality I can’t do a cartwheel to save my life. It was my greatest shame in elementary school.
  4. I have never broken a bone in my body.
    True. Sorry, anon and Khay. I’m clumsy and I fall down a lot, but I’ve never broken anything.
  5. Despite being my high school valedictorian, I actually failed a class my senior year.
    True. This fooled Brigita and Kel. Valedictorian was actually determined after seven semesters, so your grades from the last semester really didn’t count. I had been on a study trip to Germany the previous summer, and I had committed to a year of German 4. I was the only one taking it though, I wasn’t learning anything, and my teacher was a complete beeatch. So I got permission from the study program to switch to Drama second semester. My German teacher got pissed that I went over her head and insisted that I was still in her class. I told her I didn’t care. (I’d already been accepted to ND, who didn’t care.) The guidance counselor sided with her, so I ended up failing that last semester. I’m actually pretty proud of it.
  6. I am one quarter Korean.
    True. Everybody knows this, right? Mom’s mom is Korean.
  7. I can juggle.
    True. I had to learn it for a play freshman year of college. I can do two balls with one hand, or three balls with both hands.
  8. I have been skydiving.
    True. I caught Jeremy, Moire, and Claire on this one. I went with the Parachutin’ Weasels, a group of girls from my dorm. It was the day after classes ended senior year, and I was (understandably) hung over like a dog. It was tandem jumping, and the only thing going through my head on the way down was “Don’t puke on your jumpmaster. Don’t puke on your jumpmaster.”
  9. I saw “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” eight times in the theater.
    Embarrassingly true. In my defense, Ron, I’d sorta zone out for most of it and then perk up when the final light saber battle started.
  10. I have made a quilt from scratch.
    True. I’m crafty, I am.

I’m surprised I stumped so many of you. I even got Snookums, who reasoned that “all girls know how to cartwheel”. If only that were so. *sigh* If only that were so…