It’s the old “Nine Things About Me That Are True, and One That Isn’t” meme. Members of my immediate family are not allowed to play. Everybody ready?

  1. I got a tattoo for my twentieth birthday.
  2. I have had blue hair.
  3. I can do a cartwheel.
  4. I have never broken a bone in my body.
  5. Despite being my high school valedictorian, I actually failed a class my senior year.
  6. I am one quarter Korean.
  7. I can juggle.
  8. I have been skydiving.
  9. I saw “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” eight times in the theater.
  10. I have made a quilt from scratch.

Okay, which one isn’t true? Let the guessing begin! Answers will be posted in a day or so.


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  1. No. 8 You haven’t been skydiving

  2. I’m going with #4, you’ve never broken a bone. Only because I haven’t.

  3. i haven’t broken a bone either! coincidence? i don’t think so!

    i’ll guess #5 isn’t true, although i’ll be very impressed if it is. i wasn’t anywhere near first in my graduating class yet only “allowed” myself one B+ the first half of senior year and two the second. i have a hard time believing that anyone driven enough to be valedictorian would let themselves fail, even if they did deserve to slack off.

  4. #3…not because you can’t, just because you’re sassy enough to realize that riot-grrls like yourself wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing such a cheerleaderish thing.

  5. howie – first off, got home safely. melbourne was fabuloso… thanks again sooo much for a great time in sydney. second, i agree w/ bridget on picking #5. the only other ones i’m not certain are true are 3,4, and 10. are we right??

  6. I guess three or five. i know you’ve been skydiving, I think… with the Weasels? For some reason, I can see you not doing a cartwheel (I can’t either – at least, well! I think it is a skill most lose as they age), or that you flunked somethin’ and would still beat out the rest of your class for valedict/ that you would get it changed (the grade). Speak to us!

  7. Are all the guesses in? I’ll give it a few more hours. 🙂

  8. Ive been working too hard so just logged on so my vote is no4

  9. (If you’re looking for more fun, I just realized that Brigita‘s doing this on her site too.)

  10. The only one I know is true is the Korean thing. But I’ll go for the sky-diving.

  11. how could you fail a class and still be #1? what, they didn’t take second semester grades into consideration? i’ve never broken a bone, either… well, i mean, i guess 2 fingers in football count… do they?

  12. I’m going with #9. You don’t strike me as a masochist.

  13. I agree with Ron – number 9 ain’t true.

    I shudder at the thought of having to endure Jar Jar Binks 8 times in Dolby Surround Sound.

  14. No, not a masochist, Ron. But I’m stubborn. And as I’d already laid out $40 for a home-made Queen Amidala costume for the premiere, it took me a while to acknowledge how crappy the film really was. But hey, I was trying to make it beat Titanic, you know? 🙂

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