Friday Five:

1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma?
Nope. My dentist suggested I could get braces in junior high, but I rejected that plan because it might affect my trumpet playing. That’s right. Like I’m some sort of professional trumpet player now or something.

2. Ever broken any bones?
Nope. I fall down a lot though, so it’s pretty amazing. And I do have a dodgy ankle. I twisted the hell out of it in a tennis match back in high school and it’s been weak ever since. (That’s the one that gave when I spectacularly wiped out in Australia last year.)

3. Ever had stitches?
Nope. Gosh I’m boring! My sister’s had lots though. Once she hit her head on the fender of the car and cut it open. And then in our high school Powder Puff game, she slipped on the first play and cracked heads with some other girl and had to get stitches all down her forehead. (Sorry to broadcast your stories, Sis, but I’ve got nothin’ here.)

4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars?
I’ve got a tiny chicken pox scar on my nose. I’ve got a whitish blobby scar on my left thigh where I once burnt myself with melted plastic. (I was burning straws with a lighter and a bit dripped off. Don’t play with fire, kids.) I’ve got a faint, thin scar on my right thigh from falling off my bike in college. (Very embarrassing.) And lastly, I’ve got a scar on my navel from a very ill-advised piercing incident a couple years ago.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Actually I have no plans. Zero plans. How boring is that?