It’s Groundhog Day here already! Unfortunately it’s not celebrated in Australia (and I don’t think they have any native groundhogs here anyway), so I can’t really tell you if he’s seen his shadow or not. I guess I’ll have to leave that up to Punxsutawney Phil. Interestingly, one of my roommates when I studied in London lived in Pennsylvania and her uncle was part of the “Brotherhood of the Groundhog” or something. He’s one of the guys in top hats and frock coats who pull the poor bugger out of his cage every year. I regret never having made the pilgrimage from ND.


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  1. we should have SO GONE your senior year. never count on hildreth or her car for anything spontanteous or outlandish. we should have commandeered the saturn and gone anyway. 102 fever my ass. you know she was holed up in her single, reading hegel for fun. if you ever do come back to the midwest, we should make a pact to go.

  2. Hahahahahaha… Ooh, hoo. Hegel for fun. Damn, I miss you Sal! And that was all SO TRUE.

    Consider the pact made. You and I will drink beer in Punxatawney on a freezing ass cold morning some February 2nd, my friend. Count on it.

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