You guys are the best. It’s the morning and life goes on. I’m gonna get back on this weblogging horse and try not to wallow. If even my sister – as confirmed an atheist as anybody I know – believes my great-grampa is in a better place, then he is. She also reminded me of one of my favorite memories of him: watching him on a videotape, up in his native Kentucky mountains, casually reach over the kill a Copperhead snake with his cane without breaking a stride. He was a cool guy.


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  1. Howisan –
    So sorry to hear about the g-gramps. I lost my grandfather last year, and that was kind of trippy. The copperhead story was cool. My granddad was a mold-maker for a glass company, and once he made an ashtray mold with concentric circles (he got the idea from looking at trees), and he snuck his initials into the mold, JF. From what I hear, you can go to a fleamarket anywhere in Ohio and pick up one of these ashtrays and find his initials in there. I think that’s pretty cool. Grandfathers and great-grandfathers rock.

    Can we touch base soon about the weasel website? I want to get a form up to pick weekends for the reunion. love you.

  2. I’m going to tell you something else about my grandfather since you got me going on a trip down memory lane. He used to collect odds and ends and lots of guns – working ones and antique ones. After he had to move to a nursing home, my uncle and cousin went to his house to take out the guns in case someone broke in. I guessed he must have had about 30 guns in his tiny little bedroom — but it turns out he had 130. They found like $1,000 stashed in shoes, under the mattress, etc. After he died, I went to my grandparents’ house to look around, and as I was looking in his bathroom cabinet, sure enough, he had a revolver right in there with the aftershave. Of course, I couldn’t stand the idea of having a gun in my house, but I love that my grandfather had a little military stockpile.

  3. Sounds like Gerald. 🙂 Hey girl, we missed you this weekend, but you were in our thoughts. It was just lots and lots of family time. Plus, your dad requested that I fill you in on just how full of Berb’s chicken dumplings I was when I finally headed back to Bloomington. 🙂

    I know – I’m the devil!

  4. UHHHHH… No fair. Everybody used that to torment me. Deba’s like, “Don’t worry, I’ll eat all the dumplings for you.” You are all eeeevil.

    I missed everybody though…

  5. i am NOT an atheist! but thanks for publicizing that i am in my absence. i would say i’m more of an anti-religionist. so there. that doesn’t mean i don’t believe in A god of some sort. jerk! (just kiddin.’) you shoulda’ taken philosophy of religion at a catholic school…it screws you up. btw, i will email soon with my new address at my new cool job. (I LOVE IT!)

  6. All right. Anti-religionist. I just didn’t know what word you were using for it this week. 🙂

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