I’ve just added yet another PHP doodad to web-goddess: a list of the last five comments. You should see it over on the left. For now it just has some test comments from me, but if you’ll leave one of your own, it should appear when you refresh the page!


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  1. See? Try it out for yourself!

  2. it amazes me that your company has no idea how much of THEIR time you waste! do you get ANYTHING done? and when can you get me an interview there? jeez…

  3. another thing…you should consider maybe changing your background color on this site. i’m getting sort of sick of the light purple…the monitor i’m on right now (at work, coincidentally) shows it as an almost eggplant color. it’s really pretty rad. look into it. later.

  4. Oi, beeatch! First of all, I actually did that AT HOME. We’ve got a dial-up connection and Boudicca (my iMac) works just fine for that type of thing. And when I DO do stuff at work, it’s usually at, like, 10 pm, because Snookums and I are losers.

    Oh, and I still like the purple. But I’ll think about it. (Try turning up your brightness control. It’s really supposed to be quite “dusky.”)

  5. way groovy! one more reason to get that domain rolling!

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