I just realized that Jann, a guy I used to work with here at ND, left me a comment! I didn’t even know he knew I had this site. Hi, Jann!
Incidentally, he’s got his own website with this addictive response-time test. I really suck at it… My best so far has been 0.241 seconds.


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  1. i got 0.16 after changing the color… maybe that helps your brain snap faster?

  2. Hey Kris, how’s it going? I hope you don’t mind but I’m pinching snippets of code and ideas from your site. I wanted to use the php thingy but my hosts don’t support it. Should I use email for this sort of thing? Say hello to the mob for me, ciao for niao…


  3. Jann – I’m glad you found me! Feel free to nick any code you want. I’ve got instructions for some of it on my php help page. My career as a php-goddess is still in the early stages, and I get a lot of help (as one might imagine) from Mr. Snook. But I’m learning.

    Switch to a PHP host! It’s the best. I don’t know who you’re using now, but my site’s hosted at phpwebhosting.com. I think it’s $10 a month for basically unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. It’s much better than the crappy free host I was using…

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