Remember the teenager who crashed a plane into a Florida building? His suicide note is now online. This looks pretty damning. I still think he could’ve made it all up, but I’m gonna go ahead and rescind most of the benefit of the doubt I gave him back in January.


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  1. This line

    “Osama bin Laden is planning on blowing up the Super Bowl with an antiquated nuclear bomb left over from the 1967 Israeli-Syrian war.”

    Is basically the plot from a Tom Clancy novel! The Sum of all fears to be precise.

    I reckon the kid was making it all up! I mean he crashed it into the building on a Saturday! Duh! I know American are known for working silly hours but you have a better chance during the working hours of a weekday.

  2. Yeah, somebody on Metafilter pointed that out. The consensus seems to be that he did make it all up to get attention. My point was just that I figured he *hadn’t* said anything explicit about supporting Osama, but that reporters had jumped to conclusions. Whyever he said it, he definitely said it.

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