It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I discover some aspect of Australian culture that is completely different to the American way. For instance, Channel Seven has a show on every night called “The Ice Dream” that basically makes fun of the Olympics. It’s hilarious. These two sportscasters just rip on everybody and everything. They called the Opening Ceremony “rubbish”. During their recap of the pairs ice skating tonight, they actually dubbed in fart noises whenever the couples did their spins. They keep making double entendres about the slogan “the fire within”. They’ve got a mock campaign going to host the 2010 Winter Olympics at some place called “Smiggins Hole, New South Wales”. Now, can you honestly imagine an American show like this? Sure, Dave Letterman will send his Mom to the Games, but he doesn’t take the piss for ninety minutes every night. Americans take such things very seriously. Australians don’t take anything seriously. It amuses me.


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  1. That does it. I’m moving to Australia. America has lost it’s sense of humor, I am no longer needed here.

  2. You’d love it, you really would. They have a really good attitude about most stuff. Americans just get uptight. I’m a lot happier here than I was at home or in England.

  3. It sounds to me like “The Daily Show” or something. Hilarious

  4. Another option for potential American expats: Canada. I live in Seattle and when my roommates and I couldn’t wait to watch the Olympics in the packaged NBC primetime format we found the Canadian network broadcast. The ads, the shows they promo’ed, and the sportscasters were much more irreverent and laid-back than what you’d find in the US. The weather’s not as nice as Austrailia, but it would be much cheaper to phone and visit family & friends in the US.

  5. Masters of their era. Roy and HG (Not their real names) host the nightly Ice Dream show on Channel 7 Australia, and have a regular show, post and pre-olympics ‘The Monday Dump’ where they trash crappy sports and make something out of nothing. Great show, pitty its not on in the US or is it?

  6. Heh. Yeah, I was introduced to Roy and HG dueing the Sydney Olympics, when Mark’s family sent out the tapes for us. I’m loving The Ice Dream. Smiggin Holes 2010! Wooo!

  7. Not as far as I know. My boyfriend has always been a big fan of theirs, so I’m learning to appreciate it here. I couldn’t believe it when they had Dave Grohl on there the other night…

  8. i luv this show! im going to tape it every night and watch…the dream which is from the sydney olympics is actually on dvd. not all of it but i think the highlights.

  9. yeh, i have the dvd, it comes on a 2-dvd set, one from week one and one from week two. it basically contains a whole bunch the best bits from the dream (remember the diving contest between the olympic mascots?), athlete interviews, etc. definitely worth a purchase, or if you don’t have a dvd player, get the videos, which are not being made anymore.

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