So last night as the Australian premiere of Alias, right? I’d been hearing that a lot of people liked the show, so the Snook and I gave it a shot. It was entertaining. Not the greatest thing ever, but not crap. So today I went to TSFKAMBTV to check out their recap. And get this – it had all these bits in it that weren’t shown in our version! I guess the American show was shown without commercials, right? (Was that just the premiere, or all of them?) And so to make room for them here, they cut out lots of little bits. I’m pissed.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re able to watch this show! The premiere was done sans commercials here, Kris, but that’s the only episode to get such treatment. The rest have been the standard length, so you shouldn’t miss out on anything more. And stick with it (I know you said you liked it, but I’m afraid you are required to love it as we all do) for a few more episodes so that you can get good and hooked.

  2. Grrrr, Channel 7 have a habit of doing that. And don’t even bother watching “naughty” movies on their network, as they edit a lot of the swearing out (Pulp Fiction just wasn’t the same!).

  3. I’m seriously thinking of sending in a complaint. They cut out some pretty important stuff, judging by what I read on the recap. For instance, they cut the bit where they said that she’d been gone from SD6 for three months. They also cut the bit where her dad said that they’d try to kill her, which finally explains who shot at her in the parking garage. And the whole thing about her getting a new truck, and other little bits. It just makes sense now. I’m not arguing that they should’ve run it uncut; just that they should’ve used a little more brains in the editing department.

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