Oscar nominees are out. A few thoughts:

  • Good for Will Smith and Denzel Washington! For the first time ever, two black men are nominated in the “Best Actor” category.
  • Renee Zellweger? Please. (I’m so over my pro-her phase.) All she did was put on a few pounds. Her accent was actually terrible, we discovered (when we didn’t watch the screen). Whoever thought that both Renee Zellweger and Ethan Hawke would be nominated for Oscars??
  • I haven’t seen the movie, but doesn’t Jennifer Connelly have, like, the leading female role in A Beautiful Mind? Did they call it a supporting role just so she wouldn’t have to go up against Sissy Spacek?
  • Personally, I think the artistic categories are the really difficult ones to call this year. I mean, the costumes in Moulin Rouge and Lord of the Rings were used for completely different purposes, and both brilliantly. How do you pick one over the other??
  • It’s nice to see Amelie picked up a few. It’s a shoo-in for Best Foreign Film, I think, seeing as how I’ve never heard of any of the others.
  • Wow. They caved to the critics and threw David Lynch a bone. My sister hated that movie.

I expect my friend Kel’s annual “Oscar Pick ‘Em Contest” e-mail to be arriving soon. Anybody got any hot tips?


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  1. It’s good these guys have been nominated (Will Smith and Denzel Washington). I know Denzel Washington more – he’s a good actor.

  2. yeah. pardon my french, but f*ck david lynch! that guy can choke on that stupid bone and die as far as i’m concerned…i’ve never been so tested to just walk out of a movie before in my LIFE. and i saw goddamn t.p. and all that. m.d. just capitalized his joke of a career with a big S…for SUCKS ASS.

  3. What’s with all the anagrams, psycho? Who’s “m.d.”?

  4. fyi — some info on supporting vs. best … http://slate.msn.com/?id=2061982

  5. Amy – Duh. I got it. Nevermind.

    Stefanie – Great link! Thanks. I still think that the Best Actress competition was a factor though.

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