Thanks to John‘s heads-up, I just pre-ordered the My So-Called Life DVD. It ain’t cheap, but they’re only gonna do this once folks, so get in while you can.


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  1. not sure if you know this yet or not…but a lady at work told me she went and bought PRIDE & PREJUDICE on DVD at sam’s club, of all places! i didn’t know it was on dvd yet, so thought you’d want to know. she’s loaning it to me for V-day tomorrow. i am going to sit at home alone, eat pizza and lust after colin firth.

  2. Oh, I’ve got it all right! I picked it up in L.A. on the way out here. It’s got extra bits! There’s, like, fifteen extra minutes of crap sprinkled throughout it. I think I’ve got a post about it somewhere around here… Here it is. It’s in the comments on this one.

  3. I’m going to pre-order mine tomorrow… when I get paid! I want to be sure to get the little MSCL lunchbox and extra DVD full of goodies.

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