Because I know you all wait breathlessly to hear how we did on the trivia each week… we lost last night. By one stinking point! We did beat our hated rivals (the “Rebels Without a Clue” team), but it was harsh to be so close and miss it. See if you can get some of the ones we missed: (1) What were the names of Marilyn Monroe’s three husbands? (We got two of those.) (2) What’s the term for the heart’s contraction that pumps blood throughout the body? (3) At which Olympics did Amy van Dyken win a bunch of swimming medals? If you can get those, you shoulda been there! We’d have won.


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  1. I think Van Dyken was 2000. Is that right? I know what she looks like – she’s US and all freckle-y.

  2. Jim Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arther Miller. Not sure about the order though 🙂

  3. Van Dyken was at Atlanta. We guessed Barcelona.

    Right on, anon. We missed Dougherty. For some reason I was thinking that was her maiden name, not her married name.

  4. Oh, man, that made me feel old. I remember her winning like yesterday. I know it was only six years ago, but YIPES. That’s the Strug-olympics. You know, the busted-her-ankle-and-won-then-Bella-carried-her-Olympics. Geez.

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