Question of the Day: What do people call themselves where you live? Snookums and I were talking about this on the bus today. Six months ago we were Londoners, but now we’re Sydneysiders. We couldn’t imagine what people in Perth call themselves. So what are your city’s citizens called? Do you find it funny? If you don’t know it, what do you think they should be called?


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  1. Up here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne we’re known as Geordies, and get *very* upset if anyone confuses us with our near-neighbours the Mackems (from Sunderland).

  2. hummm….that would be Amish

  3. maybe No-f**ks? That’s actually a pretty close approximation of how the locals pronounce the name of the city/town and the nickname given by single guys.

    Being that this area is home to the largest Naval base in the world, there’s a major shortage of available women.

  4. Well… Lessee… In DC they call themselves Washingtonians. Sometimes people who live in Southern Maryland are called rednecks, but that’s not very accurate or polite. Waldorf, MD (the armpit of the state, and city in which I reside) is where Waldorks come from. 😉 Baltimorons is what we call people from Baltimore… but we mean that in the nicest way possible.

  5. And of course people from Indiana are called Hoosiers. 😉

    Do folks from Ohio call themselves Buckeyes? I always wondered…

  6. having done an informal survey of people I could find from Perth, I’ve discovered they… don’t call themselves anything (although one guessed at “Perthite”, but assumed he’d just made it up.) They all, however, were familiar with what they’re called by other australians — ie Sandgropers…

  7. Moire, oh yes – we do call ourselves Buckeyes… but ONLY people that don’t live on the edges of the state. Like, Cleveland doesn’t really call themselves Bucks, because they are two hours away and associate themselves with the Browns. Same with Cinci, but less so. Everyone else pretty much does.

    Howie, now that I’m living in Chicago, I think it is Chicago-(i)ans. I think that is the lamest for how cool the city is. Listen to this other lame-ness – Chicago just officially changed it’s “map name” to include the suburbs : “Chicagoland”. Isn’t that stupes? People here are up in arms over it. The only cool nicknames I’ve heard have to do with where you live in Chicago – like, if you are in the suburbs, you are a “708-er” (referring to area code – it’s sort of negative).

  8. Chicagoland! LOL! Ha! That’s funny.

    That reminds me of that Disney cartoon, Emperor’s New Groove, where the Emperor Kusco wants to build an amusement park called Kuscotopia.

  9. Hmmm, very interesting everyone! Although I think the funniest belongs to my Dad (“… that would be Amish”). 🙂

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