Friday Five:

1. What was the first thing you ever cooked?
Probably ramen noodles. We were crazy about those when we were kids. They’re apparently very popular in Korea, so we called them by their Korean name: “rom-yen”.

2. What’s your signature dish?
Snookums would probably say it’s my chili, although I readily admit it cannot hold a candle to my father’s. I’m much better with the baking than the cooking, actually. I’d probably say it’s my peanut butter cookies.

3. Ever had a cooking disaster? (tasted like crap, didn’t work, etc.) Describe.
Remember the infamous pizza incident?

4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal?
I don’t know. I’m a simple girl. All the stuff I like, either I or the Snook can make. For dessert, though, I wish I could make a cheesecake like I had the other night at Mama Maria’s Italian Restaurant. It was simply divine.

5. What are you doing this weekend?
For the first time ever, I actually have plans! Today I’ve got the first rehearsal for the new play, and then tonight we’re all going to the dog races (“the Doggies”) for my friend Kenya’s birthday. Then tomorrow I’m going to man our play’s booth at Victoria Park Fair Day, and then in the afternoon I’m meeting Kristen for my first ever international blog meet-up!


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  1. Hey there! Great to meet up with you! Thanks again for the coffees etc. Gotta make this quick cause my time’s running out at this internet point thingy at the pairport. Gah! Later….

  2. Uh airport

  3. Hope you have a good flight home!

  4. hey, my italian friend erik makes a super yummy cheesecake – he uses a POUND of cream cheese, and like, a pound of sugar and a dozen eggs or something insane like that. but it’s sooooo good.

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