Helloooo, navel piercing! Well, that wasn’t on my schedule for the day.


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  1. what prompted the piercing? didja get a ring or a bar? i want to switch out my jewelery (the same ring i’ve had for over five years now) but i can’t figure out how to change it on my own and it’s just not that important to have some guy with pliers mess around with it.

  2. Well, I had it done two years ago in London. I had a bar. I loved it, but it never healed properly. I have a feeling that I was allergic to the jewelry. So eventually I got tired of it hurting and took it out. It left a little wrinkly scar. So since I’ve been in Sydney (and trying to get all skinny and shit), I’ve been thinking that I might get it pierced again to kind of cover up the scar. So I stopped in a nearby place Saturday to ask their opinion. The guy said he thought a hoop would cover it nicely. He also knew the place I went in London, and he said that UK places use normal surgical steel, but Australian ones use “implant grade” (like the stuff they put in people’s hips). So there’s no reason I should reject this one. And since it was way cheaper than I ever expected ($85 AU, which is less than $50 US), I just went ahead and had him do it right then. I like it. It seems to have chosen a side, though, so it lays over to the left. I suppose that’s natural, but it makes it look a little unbalanced, I think. Does yours stay in the middle?

  3. nah, mine generally hangs to the right.

    (how often does a girl get to say that?)

  4. Hee! You’re right; this could be fun!

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