Cathleen is whinging about the BBC’s Olympic coverage in England. Hey, if all they showed was the British curling victory, I’d be pissed too. Luckily the Australian coverage has been excellent. Throughout the Games we got two or three hours of coverage a night, all of it highlights. But to Channel Seven’s credit, there seemed to be an effort to cover a bit of everything. So not only did we see the two Australian victories, but we also saw most of the winning performances in everything else. I was also relieved that the Aussie coverage seemed relatively free of the sappy glurge that the American networks cram down your neck. It was mostly just sports.

Smiggin Holes 2010And, of course, The Ice Dream! Last night was Roy and H.G.’s last show. They have been so funny over the past two weeks. Who else would dare to make fun of the idea that “Old Man Shea” was standing beside his son and grandson with the torch? Who else would show every skating routine from the Hugentoblers, a sister and brother team that finished near the bottom despite some very flashy home-made outfits? Who else would award medals to the worst “Hockey Bastards”? It was the perfect antidote to all the sentimental Olympic crap you get in America.