What was I thinking? Christmas my ass. This is just like moving all over again. It’s gonna take all day to unpack this stuff…

Nine boxes and a suitcase


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  1. But which box has the ra-ra skirts in it? 🙂

  2. it’s been four months since the movers came and i still haven’t unpacked all of our crap. i’ll probably have every thing in place a month before we have to move again…

  3. But think of the fort you can make…

  4. I have a room filled with boxes since our move in October 2000, and I have no intention ofunpacking most of it for at least another six months 😀

  5. How about some more pictures of your new abode?

  6. Ra-ra skirts? Puh-leaze. Like I would be caught… Okay, they’re in storage in my mom’s basement. 🙂

    TD – Excellent idea! Too bad I didn’t think of that before I started crushing boxes for recycling. 🙁

    Ma – I’m workin’ on it! I’ve got “before” pictures, but I wanted to wait til we got everything here to take the “after” ones. And you seriously don’t wanna see it right now. (Crap everywhere.)

  7. I love ra-ra skirts. What’s wrong with them? they’re are a unique sense of style.

  8. I hate it when Anonymous posters leave comments without reading all the previous ones. No one slagged off ra-ra skirts (at least in this post). I made a joke where I started to criticize them, and then admitted that I had some back at my mom’s house. It really kills the humor when you have to EXPLAIN everything, you know?

  9. okay………what a funny joke.

  10. ra-ra skirts rule! look at this issue of cosmo girl (september) and they r all in it!!!!

  11. Wow, rilly? That TOTALLY makes them kewl then!

    (That was sarcasm.)

  12. ra ra skirts r brill! i got 1 yesterday its black & red stripes & from miss selfridege…idusnt cover a great & the boys like so who givs a damn!!!

  13. Oh. My. God. Here’s a tip: in about three years, boys care more about girls who can spell.

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