Mirror, mirror, on the wall / Shovel chestnuts in my pap???

What the hell? Tara D has written a Lyrics Quiz. You should go give it a try, because I’m sure as hell not gonna win. I recognized, like, two out of twenty. And it doesn’t help that I have Britney Spears’s “Overprotected” stuck in my head courtesy of the bloody gym. I suck.


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  1. Awwwwwww Yeeeeeeeah.

    Come on, now. I told you some were hard. However, I will tell you that I redid a few to lighten it up. You know how quizzes seem easy if you do ’em, but then when others take ’em they are impossible? Yeah. That happened.

  2. Oh my god, this is hilarious. I was doing a double check on that lyric (whichone of my friends and I had an argument about) – and let’s just say that that quote was wrong. It’s “path”. That’s “…shovel chestnuts in my path”. I am going to put another line on that one so people may have some clue. Wooo! That’s funny.

  3. Another thing- I can see you fools comin’ on over to my blog from this link- why aren’t you tryin’ to win? I’ve only got 6 entries so far – you can still be a winner, kids.

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