They’re just now broadcasting the Grammy Awards here in Australia. The Snook and I were half-watching the “Lady Marmalade” performance when I asked, “Where the hell is Christina Aguilera? She was billed as performing, and she hasn’t come out yet and the song’s almost over!” And the Snook said, “Isn’t that her over on the far left?” Me: “No, that’s some black chick.” Him: “I think that’s her.” Me (squinting): “Holy crap! That is her! Geez, lay off the self-tanner!” Seriously, she looks scarier every time I see her.


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  1. I couldn’t see her that well until I saw a Grammy pic – but man, she is so overdone. She has so much on her skin is darker than Mya’s. Do you guys get Conan over there? Last night he was ripping on her, saying there were Kabuki actors out there that were like, “Tone it down!” – hilarious.

  2. She looks like a dirty Barbie doll.

  3. No! I wish to God we got Conan. We get Dave late at night, but I’d trade him for some Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog any day.

    Dirty Barbie Doll = exactamundo. Perfect analogy.

  4. Yeah… For me to POOP on!!

  5. Well, at least she gave up on trying to get into KISS.

  6. Huh? I haven’t heard that one, Fredo. What’s the story?

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