The Little OS. A charming picture story for children and Mac zealots. (Link courtesy of John.)


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  1. That. Kicks. Ass. 😉

    When I worked in the jewelry department in Wal-Mart, some mysterious person would come around and place those little Christian comic books on all of our counter displays. I used to thumb through them and smirk at the scare tactics. Love Jesus OR ELSE.

    I later found out that it was old our department manager who was stuffing the displays with the books… She belonged to this weird new Southern Baptist cult where all the women would only wear long sack-like dresses with collars buttoned up to the chin. She was only 19 and had been married for over a year already. I guess to them it really is better to marry than to burn.

  2. Ugh. Religious cultists scare me. They’re probably one of those couples that has sex through a hole in the sheet.

  3. Ha! I wonder…

    They tried to get me to come to their church. It was weird… I kept seeing them everywhere I went. They were all so friendly and, “Come join us! You’re always welcome! It’d be such a blessing to have you!” But then they found out that I am LIVING IN SIN and that I am evil. Haven’t spoken to them since.

  4. Hmm. Have you seen “Go”? Reminds me of the Amway people. Except for the “sin” thing, of course.

  5. Amway is scaaaary.

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